Concept Book

An affordable interior design solution

The Conceptbook - an individual interior concept for your private rooms. The fast and cheap planning to implement yourself. No matter if you already own a facility or if the new home is still completely empty. We develop exceptional concepts for private spaces, which you can implement yourself with the help of your personalized Conceptbook. With the individually compiled Conceptbook, you will receive a concept with floor plan, material and color suggestions, lighting concept and product suggestions. Through our supplied shopping list with dealer addresses you can order and implement everything yourself. The Conceptbook is thus a fast and affordable interior design solution for your private rooms.

Site consultation

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Design consultations are perfect for anyone who wants to buy a new property, to jumpstart an interior design or renovation project and wants beautiful and functional results. Miarchstudio offers a 2-Hour deluxe onsite consult which provides you with a design concept ideas and answers to any questions to get you moving in the right direction for your acquisition and your project. Typical recommendations given during a 2-hour deluxe consultation:

+ Consultation over the state of the property and feasibility of the potential renovation project

+ Concept and colour palette ideas

+ Furniture Placement / Space Planning

+ Options for Décor/Accessories and where to purchase them