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Design and Craft of custom furniture and objects for any environment or purpose, made in collaboration with our curated network of specialist suppliers, artists and craftsmen.
Miarch products are always made out of carefully selected materials of the highest quality, designed and crafted as a work of art.

As with any Miarch design, our unique objects fulfil the practical and aesthetic needs of each client and the space they will occupy.

Our team ideates both the explicitly needed requirements as much as those yet to be discovered through intensive investigation. We follow closely all the individual phases of the process leading to the materialization of the final product, this is Miarch’s


Our design-approach follows the chronological itinerary, finding
the future in the roots of the past, heritage, and contemporaneity, in which the overlapping experiences and desires materialize, concluding entirely in its initial premises.


The result is an object, that is able to maintain the right balance between history, innovation, and design, to express contemporaneity of a timeless idea.

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