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Fasadi V1_iztok.jpg

Bankya House

Modern, sleek, minimal, with attention to details and quality of materials these houses form a closed community neighbourhood near Sofia. Each house follows the common design but has a unique application giving it a sense of personalisation as well as homogeneity. 

Open plan spacial layouts allowing maximum light flowing into the house from all directions. The staircase is a centerpiece and plays an import role in the design. Positioned along a glass wall leading to a second living space on the level above, allowing a space for gathering and seperating the bedrooms.

Fasadi V2_sever.jpg
Fasadi V2_pogled 2.jpg
Fasadi V1_pogled 2.jpg
Fasadi V2_pogled 1.jpg
Fasadi V1_pogled 1.jpg
Fasadi V2_zapad.jpg
Fasadi V1_zapad.jpg
Fasadi V2_iztok.jpg
Fasadi V1_iztok.jpg
Fasadi V2_sever.jpg
Fasadi V1_sever.jpg
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