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Griebnizsee House

This beautiful curved house by the lake provides the perfect backdrop to accommodate signature designer pieces. Natural oak boiserie thought-out the house gives warmth to the large spaces and bring everything together. 

Living room 02_Interactive LightMix 02.jpg
Living room 04_Interactive LightMix 02.jpg
Living room 01_Interactive LightMix 20.jpg
Kitchen 01_Interactive LightMix 03.jpg
Kitchen 02_Interactive LightMix 03.jpg
HER_01_Interactive LightMix 03.jpg
HER 02_Interactive LightMix 03.jpg
bedroom_01_Interactive LightMix 02.jpg
Bedroom_02_Interactive LightMix 02.jpg
HIS 01_Interactive LightMix 02.jpg
HIS_02_Interactive LightMix 02.jpg
Utility room 01_Interactive LightMix 02.jpg
Utility room 02_Interactive LightMix 02.jpg
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