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Miarch Studio is a cost - conscious, polyvalent Italian Architecture & Design office specialised in creating timeless bespoke spaces, in diligent representation of the client’s legacy.

Curiosity in research, passion for detail & incessant dedication are in the heart of every Miarch project. This creational curiosity guides our design, generating custom made spaces and objects that serve as extension of the client.

Miarch proposes the convenience, reliability and accountability of a one-stop-shop for bespoke design services.

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We collaborate with trusted artisans and suppliers to ensure our high standards are met at every level. Designed to the smallest detail by our team, it is then attentively crafted by our best-in-class suppliers and curated artisans, all completely turnkey.


Nina Mikhailova 

Partner, Creative Director

Nina started Miarch studio in 2017 offering a complete palette of bespoke architectural and design services that tailor to the client’s unique requirements. Nina spent the past years working as a head architect in Milan where she was privileged to collaborate with some of the worlds most reknown and established architects. She's certified in both the Italian and Bulgarian Chamber of Architects.

Raphael S v Rupp

Partner, Research & Strategy

Raphael is business developer and a key figure in Miarchstudio. He steers business management and fuels the company's growth.

Giulia Sciumè

Associate, Architect & Interior Designer

Giulia Sciumè is an experienced Architect & Interior Designer. She graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 2012. Giulia has been delivering many exciting international projects ever since. She is the cornerstone/pillar of Miarchstudio in Italy.

Svetla Brayanova


Svetla is a young, creative architect and interior designer. She has graduated from the University of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy in Sofia and has studied in Politecnico di Milano. She's currently a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of architects. Her innovative thinking has resulted in completing distinguished projects worldwide.



9 Boris Arsov Str. Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 88 814 0878 | +39 328 429 8026